S. E. Minor & Company is the solution to your environmental protection needs.

Our environmental engineering professionals process approximately 40% of the wetlands applications in the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut alone.

Along with our extensive experience in analysis and filing for local & federal permit applications, S.E. Minor & Company has an excellent working relationship with the area wetlands agencies.

Our services also include bid organization and negotiation, long range development planning, and construction inspection.

Environmental Science Services

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Control Surveys

  • GPS Surveys

  • Location Surveys

  • Flood Plane Mapping

  • Topographic Mapping

  • Subdivision Mapping

  • Sounding Surveys

  • Construction Staking

  • Topographic Surveys

Application Filing

  • Pond Dredging

  • Boat Dock Facilities

  • Environmental Improvements

  • Residential Lot Development

  • Accessory Structure Construction

  • Topographic Modifications

  • Subdivision and Roadway Construction

  • Shore Line Stabilization

  • Commercial Site Development

FEMA Elevation Certificate

S.E. Minor can help design flood mitigation structures as well as prepare Elevation Certificates which are required to obtain flood insurance coverage and allow communities to comply with floodplain management rules.

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Green Solutions

S.E. Minor designs a variety of solutions, including Green Infrastructure like rain gardens and preservation of natural landscape features, to help ensure that stormwater runoff is properly managed to minimize flooding, erosion, and pollution in our wetlands and streams.