Project Management

S. E. Minor & Company has deep expertise in planning and zoning, which we utilize in our surveying and engineering practices.

We also offer project management services to coordinate engineers, town approvals, architects, landscape engineers, builders and other design and building professionals.

By serving as the project manager, S.E. Minor can improve outcomes and reduce overall project cost by ensuring that dedicated resources are being utilized in close coordination with permit and town approval process, providing for a more predictable and efficient construction experience.

S.E. Minor, Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning Services

  • Permits

  • Planning and Zoning exceptions

  • Required Notifications

  • Property Disputes and Resolution

  • Project Management

  • Permit and Town Application Management

Conyers Farm

S.E. Minor & Company was responsible for most of the surveying and design work for Conyers Farm.

The Conyers Farm subdivision on the border of Greenwich and Armonk is bigger than the village of Port Chester and boasts many grand homes as well as polo grounds.